Consumer Electronics

Building upon our POS Financing success with Apple and Microsoft, we can help you with hardware, subscriptions, and technology upgrades. It’s the perfect solution for mobile phones, computers, TVs, cameras, and other items where continuous improvements in technology leave a customer wanting the best.

Home Improvement

Manufacturers, contractors, and consumers may all benefit from POS financing for home improvement projects. Help your customers take care of the necessities they need such as roofing, windows, and flooring, or increase the average project value by letting them select the upgrades they desire for a home of their dreams.

Luxury Goods & Retail

Manufacturers and retailers can increase average order value and repeat purchase behavior by leveraging POS Financing and the Citizens One Line of Credit. And with a number of integration options to choose from, a solution can be in place in weeks rather than months. It is suitable for sporting goods to sofas, jewelry to travel, and everything in between.

Travel & Entertainment

Dream destinations can become a reality with POS Financing, which enables a traveler the flexibility to pay over time. It’s the perfect solution for all-inclusive vacations, First Class up-sell opportunities, and other travel benefits. And entertainment producers and venues see value in financing tickets for an entire season or even a single event, enabling them to realize revenue upfront rather than waiting for monthly fees to come in from traditional payment programs.

Medical & Dental

Services and equipment can be more attainable for consumers when manufacturers enable purchase through POS Financing. It’s a smart alternative to supplemental insurance and can even help a provider sell-through a wider range of treatment protocols and aids.


Building upon the J.D. Power award received by Citizens One Auto Finance, we’ve expanded our offerings to include POS Financing for repairs and aftermarket parts, including tires, rims, and more. Manufacturers can package financing with their products or auto dealers can choose to offer a financing solution that allows customers to apply on their own mobile device.

Smart Home

The biggest names in home security, including Vivint and ADT, turned to Citizens for POS Financing solutions. We know the most intelligent ways to finance the hardware, installation, monitoring, and self-service platforms that today’s smart homes require.

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The Stability of a Bank with the Agility of a Fintech

When it comes to choosing a lending partner, Citizens delivers the best of both worlds. A forward thinking culture of innovation allows us to be digitally nimble—in product design, platform delivery, and integration. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing that every transaction is backed by a bank that has been in business for more than 150 years. The strength of our balance sheet allows us to lend without needing to raise additional capital and we have experience delivering in all economic environments, not just the current climate.

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