Integration That’s Quick to Market

Citizens designed its financing platform with you in mind—meaning that it delivers full flexibility—whether you are looking for a no-integration solution through our hosted application or a fully customized solution that is built right into your own POS system.

You can go to market immediately with our cornerstone application powered by Jifiti. You’ll embed the links and we’ll do the rest, including customizing the experience with your own look and feel. A customer will apply for financing on their own device—mobile, tablet, or desktop. Credit checks and underwriting happen almost instantly. And once approved, we’ll use a secure process to deliver a virtual card that they can use for payment.

Looking for direct integration? Our Solutions Architects will collaborate with your team to engineer a design that meets your needs, timing, and budget—fully immersed within your own POS experience.

We’ve Cracked the Code on Hardware, Service, and Subscription Sales

Paying in Equal Monthly Installments (EMI) is more than a modern layaway plan. It’s a sophisticated way to offer consumers a way to purchase in a style that they’ve grown accustomed to when paying for things such as mobile phones, streaming subscriptions, memberships and more. Citizens knows what it takes to bundle the cost of an item with an ongoing service that increases the stickiness of your relationship and can lead to future sales. You can realize revenue up front and see the benefit of long term customer loyalty.

Plus, we’ve mastered the art of the upgrade, responding to a consumer’s desire for immediate gratification tempered by their concern about whether they are making the right purchase at the right time. Citizens can help your customer buy what they want today, with the comfort of knowing that they can easily upgrade to the next generation tomorrow. And Citizens has experience working with manufacturers, retailers, and third party liquidators to seamlessly make it happen.

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The Stability of a Bank with the Agility of a Fintech

When it comes to choosing a lending partner, Citizens delivers the best of both worlds. A forward thinking culture of innovation allows us to be digitally nimble—in product design, platform delivery, and integration. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing that every transaction is backed by a bank that has been in business for more than 150 years. The strength of our balance sheet allows us to lend without needing to raise additional capital and we have experience delivering in all economic environments, not just the current climate.

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